Some advice from CaptainSparklez.

You are in the middle of a game, in the middle of a stream, and suddenly you feel it. Your sphincter tightens, your neurons blink, and your brain thinks “uh oh.”

That’s what happened to CaptainSparklez, also known as Jordan Maron, about 55 minutes into playing the Minecraft Sky Factory 2 ModPack on Sunday afternoon.

“I have to poop,” he confessed to 4,600+ viewers. “I have never had to go number two during the stream before.” He discussed his dilemma. If he left the stream, it would throw his entire production workflow into chaos. Even worse, he would miss the birth of a baby dragon that was, at that moment, in the middle of hatching.

“It’s like having a baby,” CaptainSparklez said. “I can’t go to the bathroom. It’s exactly the same thing, the comparison is one to one,” he added, now mocking himself.

The chat was sympathetic.

Bombzyz: “This is indeed serious.”
RavagerRexy: “This is why you need to wear diapers on stream.”
LinusTehMaen: “Go to the toilet, we will praise the chair.”
WisEKevN: “We will understand.”
Decline: “Just go Jordan.”

But CaptainSparklz decided to take one for the team. He continued to stream. The dragon was born and duly named Dargon by the chat. It escaped, went through an adolescent stage and grew to adulthood. An hour later, CaptainSparklez was still at his microphone.

The takeaway: pros don’t poop except under the most dire of circumstances.