Have you ever wondered how a game gets popular on Twitch?

It turns out, sometimes all it takes is one slightly obsessed broadcaster. Back in 2011, only a handful of Twitch broadcasters were playing Minecraft. Matt “Sevadus” Zagursky didn’t understand why such a great game wasn’t more popular.

“I was like, we have to do something about this,” Zagursky recalled on a recent panel at TwitchCon. “Minecraft should be way bigger than this.

“And so I was on an adventure to just make Minecraft massive on Twitch. I didn’t care who was streaming it, I just wanted it to be really big. I would, like, cold email the biggest channels of the time, which were like 5 or 6,000 people, which was just massive to me. I would cold email them ‘would you please like to try out Minecraft one day.’

“And I would go on to YouTube channels [of Minecraft streamers] and in their comments, I’d be like, ‘hey, you should come stream on Twitch!’ And eventually it got traction. And we will all grew up together, and that’s how Minecraft grew on Twitch.”