Would you like a new way to play along with your favorite streamers?

Robot Loves Kitty, indie developers and Twitch streamers, made headlines this month with their latest project “Upsilon Circuit,” a game in development that is part Gameshow, part Action RPG, and full-on Perma-Permadeath. But UC is hardly the only cool project this small husband-and-wife studio has been working on.

In November, Robot Loves Kitty will be releasing “Legend of Dungeon: Masters,” an update that just so happens to use the same viewer that is used for UC. LoDM isn’t a “stand alone” game, instead it’s a free download on Steam that connects you to people who are streaming Legend of Dungeon, and lets you interact with their games as a “Master Viewer”.

Master Viewers will be able to send in items from their chests, and they’ll also get additional items from chests that monsters drop in the game, as well as the chance to gain stars (a former of currency) and XP as a reward for interacting with the stream. To make things interesting, persistent inventory exists and items in your inventory are useable in any livestream.

It’s a new way of playing with your friends—and, if it turns out to be fun—you may end up contributing to a footnote in game history as other developers shamelessly imitate the mechanic.

The interface that will make this fantastical interaction possible for streamers and viewers is the same one being created for “Upsilon Circuit”. The addition of spectator interaction to Lod promises to offer a glimpse into how viewers might interact with UC.

This is a very smart move for a lean-running dev team like Robot Loves Kitty. They are providing a meaningful boost to LoD, and they are tapping into an established community to test one of the core features announced for UC.

Whether Legend of Dungeon: Masters turns out to be groundbreaking gameplay or just another social experiment in the petri-dish that is the broadcaster/viewer relationship, we are looking forward to seeing more from these devs.

The full announcement can be found here.