There are just two more days until BlizzCon, the annual celebration of blockbuster video games put together by Blizzard Entertainment. The live show will take place at the convention center in Anaheim, CA, and about 25,000 attendees are expected.

If you are not up for a visit to Orange County, CA, you can watch the festivities online. Blizzard is selling tickets to its stream for $39.99. Likewise, AT&T/DirecTV pay-per-view is charging $40.

Or, if you’d rather save the money for the virtual ticket for a better gaming rig or a pizza party, Twitch will be broadcasting the games for free including the World of Warcraft World Championship, the StarCraft World Championship, the Heroes World Championship and the Hearthstone World Championship.

As Fortune conceded yesterday, with just a little prompting from Activision’s PR department, BlizzCon is essentially the Olympics of eSports. With leading eSports players competing to win some of the world’s most popular games and $3.45 million on the line, BlizzCon ranks in importance alongside Riot Games’ League of Legends World Championship, which concluded on Saturday.

Newzoo, a market research firm specializing in gaming, has crunched the numbers, and it figures Blizzard gamers make up almost half of all eSports enthusiasts. So clear off the couch, call your friends, fire up the popcorn maker and join eSports lovers around the planet. Schedules can be found on the Twitch pages that we linked to above.

Courtesy of Newzoo
Courtesy of Newzoo