Countdown To BlizzCon Nov 6 – 7

There are just two more days until BlizzCon, the annual celebration of blockbuster video games put together by Blizzard Entertainment. Continue reading “Countdown To BlizzCon Nov 6 – 7”

Twitch IRL—Meetup in Vancouver on November 15

Join Vancouver’s streamers, local devs and other creative peeps at the EXP Restaurant and Bar. If you are a dev, this is a chance to talk up your game. Feel free to reach out to Clara, who is organizing. If you can’t make it to Vancouver, you can say hi on the live stream,

World Of Warships Event Aboard USS Hornet Museum—Oct. 27

World of Warships Presents: Rise of the Phantom Fortress Continue reading “World Of Warships Event Aboard USS Hornet Museum—Oct. 27”

Try Out The New Paranormal Activity VR Game At 15 AMC Theaters Starting Thursday

Continue reading “Try Out The New Paranormal Activity VR Game At 15 AMC Theaters Starting Thursday”

The League Of Legends World Championships Semifinals Begins on Saturday

Enrique “xPeke” Cedeno Martinez of Origin confronts his old rival Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok of SK Telecom T1 inside the Belgium Expo in Brussels. The opening ceremony starts at 10 a.m. EDT, with the game starting at 10:30. (Please confirm the schedule here.)

Image courtesy of Red Bull.

DJBabyDee—Special Show Tonight 8pm PST—Slow Jams for Lovers

Word is DJBabyDee will be spinning the slow jams tonight for all you lovers—of one another and of music—out there.

DJBabyDee is a DJ from New York who has been spinning records and making people happy for 40 years. His shows are rich in old school sounds, and you can find him laying it down Monday through Saturday featuring Mrsbabydee for an all Rock Metal Country and Warcraft ParodyMusic on Sundays.

The chat room is full of music lovers from around the globe and there is always a super friendly vibe. We encourage you to check out the magic DJBabyDee is cooking up on Twitch.

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